5G Technology: how Taiwan’s APTG Accelerator Programme is approaching the future of tech


As the world gears towards smarter and faster digital communications, various tech platforms are also developing ways to maximise the use of 5G, the future of connectivity.


In Taiwan, Asia-Pacific Telecom is spearheading initiatives to help the digital ecosystem achieve these greater heights. One such initiative is the APTG Accelerator Programme, a platform that aims to accelerate and facilitate the future of 5G.


APTG is a major Telecom operator based in Taiwan, providing broadband, wireless, and fixed-line telecommunication services. APTG believes in three operational principles as a business model that they also incorporate to their accelerator programme: Integration, innovation, and speed.


With the same operational principles at the core of this initiative, the objective of the APTG Accelerator Programme is simple: support and nurture digital economy across all fronts by supplementing startups with a series of help.


Under this goal is a plethora of objectives: to strengthen startup acceleration and partnerships with enterprises, assist startups for international market expansion, create solution roadmaps for business models, assist in sales and marketing development, provide legal and financial understanding, and infuse 5G technology for possible field experimentations.


What the APTG Accelerator Programme can bring to the table

Through this, the APTG Accelerator Programme will carefully identify and curate a diverse set of startups in Taiwan, specifically targeting startups in 5G related communications and applications area including smart nation/city, AI, medical and healthcare, retail marketplaces, entertainment, and even sports.


Through a process of evaluation, the programme selects startups they deem to possess high development potential, and partnership opportunities.

The APTG Accelerator Programme is targeting 10 to 12 emerging startups with innovative ideas to become part of the programme. Among that number, a minimum of three startups will have the chance to win investment from investors and partners.


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With 5G business application, technology, and resources, the accelerator programme seeks to guide innovative startups, connect them to potential international and cross-industry partnerships, and lead the 5G market development by exploring more business opportunities.


The interactive programme operates in four prongs:

1.) Lecturing and mentorship: there will be open communications between experts and emerging startups that will transpire in lecture format.

2.) One-on-one interactive discussions: the APTG Accelerator Programme offers startups the opportunity to run their ideas through a team of experts who will offer business diagnosis, directions, and discuss problems and solutions.

3.) Official investment opportunities: startups will be prepped on how to approach investors and what to bring to the discussion table when negotiating potential partners. There will also be a social meeting between participating startups and potential investors.

4.) International scaling: more than the above mentioned, the accelerator programme aims to support emerging startups scale globally through the roadshows, competitions, and other startup events.

Participating startups must note that the APTG Accelerator Programme may be conducted face to face, through video conference meetings, voice conference, or by e-mail exchange, depending what kind of arrangement is agreed upon by both mentors and participating startups.


Striking partnerships between emerging startups and established enterprises

With the guidance and mentorship of experts, there will also be a programme Demo Week/Day for the participating startups. This will happen 6 months upon the start of the programme.

Through the Demo Week/Day, startups will have the unique opportunity of presenting their ideas and the business models those ideas are grounded on to a series of potential investors and partners. The detailed schedule of the Demo Week/Day will be provided upon confirmation.


The accelerator programme is one of the multitudes of ways Asia-Pacific Telecom seeks to approach and accommodate the integration of 5G technology into startup ecosystem: by moulding enterprises to optimum growth.


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The APTG Accelerator Programme is opening its doors to international startups. Application will run through the entire month of December 2018. For more information on the programme and to know more about APTG, click here. Ready to bring your prototype to the next level? Click here to apply.




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